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AC Maintenance FAQ: Every Year?

AC-technician-at-workLet’s answer the question posed in the title right off the bat. Yes. You need to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance every year. This is not something that HVAC contractors, ourselves or others, say just to line their own pockets. We work with this equipment day after day, year after year, and we have seen with our own eyes the types of problems that stem from failing to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance. If we were trying to line our pockets, actually, we’d be telling you to skip AC maintenance!

Of course, we wouldn’t do that. We want our clients to know that they can turn to us no matter what type of AC service that they may need. We develop long-term relationships with our clients, and we can only do that by proving to them that we are looking out for their best interests. That is why we encourage you to schedule your air conditioning maintenance in Chicago, IL with a member of our team.

Why Is Air Conditioning Maintenance Really Necessary?

Does skipping a seasonal maintenance appointment mean that your air conditioner is going to fall apart or completely fail to operate when you turn it on for the season? No, of course it doesn’t. Does this mean that scheduling air conditioning maintenance every single year is not as important as you’ve been lead to believe? No, of course it doesn’t!

Imagine if you start to feel sick, and as soon as you recognize that you are experiencing physical symptoms, you go to the doctor. Maybe they discover that you were on your way to a more serious condition that can now be avoided. Maybe they are just able to nip a relatively mild illness in the bud. In either case, you are no doubt better off for having scheduled a prompt appointment. The same is true of AC maintenance.

Not only does routine maintenance give our technicians a chance to tune up your system and ensure that everything is functioning properly, but it also gives them a chance to catch any developing problems early on. Early intervention is just as important for the lifespan and overall condition of your AC as it is for your own health in the event of illness. Ignoring signs of trouble only gives those problems the time that they need to worsen.

What Does It Entail?

Okay, you may be thinking, I know that maintenance is important. Can’t I just handle it on my own, though? No way. While there are a few very basic air conditioning maintenance services that you can handle on your own, including changing your air conditioner and perhaps cleaning up your outdoor unit, there is far more to actual, thorough maintenance than this.

Electrical connections and wiring must be checked. Amperage must be checked. Refrigerant and oil leaks must be ruled out. Evaporator and condenser coils must be cleaned. Moving parts must be lubricated as needed. You cannot afford to let these tasks go without proper attention. At best, you’ll be paying more for a weaker cooling experience. More likely, you’re looking at unnecessary repair needs or even premature breakdowns.

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