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Serving the City and the Suburbs since 1897

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Commercial Coolers in Chicago, IL

If you own and operate a restaurant, then you know just how important a piece of equipment your commercial cooler in Chicago, IL is. Regardless of your customer volume or the size of your operation, your commercial coolers are going to be in use at all times, and they are going to be opened and closed continuously throughout the course of the day. If you want to ensure that your systems can stand up to the wear and tear, you need more than just great commercial coolers. You also need outstanding commercial cooler services.

You'll find them with ease so long as you dial our number to schedule your commercial cooler installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services. Eck Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. works with some of the finest equipment and systems from top manufacturers in the industry, and we have a proven track record of success spanning back over a century. Contact us today, and know that your commercial refrigeration equipment is in skilled, capable hands.

What Kind of Commercial Cooler Do You Need?

While homeowners know that they need a refrigerator, and that is about as much thought as they need give the matter, commercial property owners know just how important it is that they have the right equipment for the job, and that means that you must choose your commercial coolers in Chicago, IL with care. Do you have a grocery to run?

If so, you probably want a reach–in cooler with glass doors and shelving to successfully display your goods. If you are in the restaurant business, and need to store perishables behind the scenes, you may need more storage space, and far less in the way of display options. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you can count on us to help you to find the ideal commercial cooler for your needs.

You Need a Professional Cooler Installation

There are a few reasons as to why your commercial coolers must be professionally installed. First of all, you need to know that these coolers are operating on circuits capable of running them consistently and reliably. There are the nuts and bolts, so to speak, of the installation to consider as well, such as moving such large equipment around, placing it optimally, ensuring that it is level, and so on.

If your commercial cooler is not installed with the utmost skill and care, you are going to wind up struggling to get the performance that you desire from the system. Also, remember that we are here to handle any commercial cooler replacement services that you may need. This type of equipment works hard over the course of its lifespan, and it is not going to last forever.

Let Us Repair Your Commercial Coolers

A little maintenance goes a long way, and there is plenty that you yourself can do in order to keep your commercial coolers working as efficiently and reliably as possible. Keeping drains clear, checking your gaskets, and doing your best to keep dust from accumulating on your compressor coils can all help to keep your system up and running properly.

Professional maintenance on an annual basis will help even more. Eventually, though, you may find that your cooler is warm, that the compressor is getting louder and louder, or that the system simply won’t run at all. The moment that you have any reason to suspect that there is a need for repairs is the moment you should be dialing our number to schedule those repairs. Don’t give problems with your cooler the time that they need to do serious, lasting damage.

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