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Serving the City and the Suburbs since 1897

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Garage Heaters in Chicago, IL

When you think of living comfortably, or of the purpose of a residential heating system, you probably think first and foremost of your actual living space. However, you should not overlook the uses of a garage heater in Chicago, IL. With a well-heated garage, you can really optimize that space in order to optimize your property and your productivity.

We just so happen to excel in the installation, replacement, and repair of all manner of garage heaters. Keep in mind that our company was founded way back in 1897, and that we have proven time and time again that we are capable of completing any job that we take on with the level of technical and customer service excellence that we know our clients deserve. Call the Chicago heating experts at Eck Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to schedule garage heater services today.

Get the Right Garage Heater for Your Needs

Just as you would with a home heating system, you must ensure that your garage heater in Chicago, IL is the right fit for the space in which it is installed. Garage heaters come in different heating capacities, and may be installed on walls or ceilings. When you hire us to install your garage heater, you can count on getting a heater that suits your design preferences perfectly, and you’ll know that it is big enough to do the job without being so big as to offer a heating capacity that you just don’t need. If you are thinking about extending your living space out into the garage, or simply heating it so that you can work inside all year long, you cannot go wrong in scheduling your garage heater services with the pros on our staff.

Chicago Garage Heater Installation Service

The key to getting a great performance from any garage heater is to have that system installed by a qualified professional. Our factory trained, NATE certified technicians certainly fit the bill. Remember too that your existing garage heater can be replaced if it is no longer capable of functioning reliably, if it gives you cause for safety concerns, or if it just doesn’t suit your needs well. Older systems were quite bulky, unattractive, and obtrusive, dipping down into headroom. Newer models are sleeker in design, and are much smaller while also offering a superior heating output at superior efficiency levels. Plus, advances in safety designs means you can heat your garage without worry.

Call Us for Garage Heater Repairs in Chicago, IL

Is your garage heater leaving you with an undesirable chill by the time you’re done in the space? Does it trip your circuit breaker, or make strange, alarming sounds as it operates? The worst thing that you can do for your garage heater is to ignore the signs that it is in need of repair services. That is why we suggest that you schedule prompt garage heater repairs with a member of our staff the moment that you realize there is cause for concern. We’d also like to remind you that, as is the case with any heating system, routine garage heater maintenance is necessary in order to keep your system operate dependably.

Call now to schedule your Chicago garage heater services with professionals that you can trust.

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