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Serving the City and the Suburbs since 1897

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Air Duct Cleaning in Chicago, IL

A majority of residential property owners use forced-air heating and cooling systems in order to keep their homes comfortable all throughout the year. In doing so, a whole lot of faith is put in their air duct systems. If you want to heat and cool your home with the excellent results that you deserve, then you must know for sure that your air ducts are in outstanding working condition.

This means more than just ensuring that your air ducts are not torn or otherwise damaged, though. It also means that you must know that your air ducts are clean within. Dirty ductwork can lead to a number of different issues in one's home, after all. If you have dirty ductwork in your property, you can count on Eck Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to complete thorough duct cleaning services in Chicago, IL.

Why Are Clean Ducts Necessary?

If you have dirt and debris built up in your air ducts, you are going to suffer the ill effects that those pollutants can lead to in a number of different ways. First of all, you will likely find that your indoor air quality is on the decline. It is only a matter of time before the pollutants in your ductwork are distributed throughout your home as conditioned air is forced through them. These pollutants can also build up on sensitive components within the HVAC system itself, which can impede the operation of that system and may lead to serious operational problems down the road. When you have clean ductwork in your home, you can count on getting the great efficiency and enjoying the high air quality that you demand in your living space.

When Should I Schedule Professional Air Duct Cleaning?

As mentioned above, cleaning your ductwork can help to protect energy efficiency and the quality of the air surrounding you in your home. If you start to notice that you are paying more and more in order to heat or cool your home, or if the quality of the air in your living space seems to be plummeting, let us know right away. You may well be in need of professional duct cleaning. Also, if you have had issues with pests and rodents in your home, you should have your air ducts cleaned out by a qualified professional. These varmints and bugs can leave dander, dirt and other undesirable materials in your ductwork.

Why Hire a Professional to Clean My Ductwork?

Cleaning ductwork may not sound like the most complex of projects, and it truthfully is not. However, it is still one that demands the skill and expertise that only a trained professional can offer. You cannot simply spray down your air ducts with some household cleaner and wipe them off, as you would with countertops or kitchen tables. First of all, accessing your ductwork without damaging them or your property may not be possible if you are not experienced in doing so. Even if you did access your ductwork, though, you wouldn’t have the brushes, agitators and vacuuming equipment necessary to thoroughly clean your ductwork successfully, let alone to do so without making a mess. We have everything that we need to ensure that your ductwork is properly cleaned, though, so dial our number to get started.

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