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Serving the City and the Suburbs since 1897

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Chicago Duct Repair & Replacement Services

If you, like so many other homeowners throughout the country, use a forced air heating and/or cooling system in order to keep your home comfortable throughout the year, it is necessary that you have a well-designed system of air ducts in place. It is important to remember, though, that your air ducts are not guaranteed to function properly just because they are not complex mechanical systems. There is plenty that can go wrong with your ductwork, and you need to resolve any issues with it as soon as possible in order to run your systems effectively and maintain a high level of indoor air quality.

Should you have any reason at all to believe that there is a problem of any kind with your air ducts, remember that the professional technicians here at Eck Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can handle your duct repair and replacement services in Chicago, IL. Whatever the issue may be, we will diagnose the problem accurately and resolve it completely. That way, you can distribute conditioned air throughout your home with well-deserved confidence. Give us a call today to schedule duct repair services in Chicago, IL and the surrounding area.

Signs of Damaged Ductwork

Before you can go about having issues with your ductwork resolved, obviously, you must first learn to recognize that there is a problem to begin with. This is rather tricky if you don’t know what to look for, though. Your air ducts are obviously largely hidden from view, so it isn’t as though you can simply give them a quick visual inspection. There are warning signs that can alert you to the need for duct repair or replacement in Chicago, IL, though. Keep an eye out for inexplicably high heating and/or cooling costs. Are there hot or cold spots throughout your home? That could be the result of damaged ductwork, too, as could a decrease in the air quality throughout your home.

Call Today for Duct Repair Services in Chicago, IL

Ducts may be damaged in a number of ways. If there is a water leak in your home, ductwork could corrode. It’s also possible that air ducts could be damaged accidentally during a construction or remodeling project, or that they’ve been compromised by vermin or pests. Whatever the case may be, you can count on us for the duct repair services that you need to start getting the most from your HVAC systems once more. That way, you can go back to living in the efficient comfort that we know you deserve. Call today to schedule service.

Duct Replacement May Be Your Best Option

If your air ducts are extensively corroded, or if they have been seriously damaged by a mishap of any kind, duct replacement services may be your best course of action. Oftentimes repairs or duct sealing can resolve a problem, but air ducts are not always going to be salvageable. Even if your ducts are not seriously damaged, it’s entirely possible that they may not be of the right size for your needs, or that they were poorly laid out. In either event, you can trust our technicians to replace your ductwork with air ducts of the highest quality, and with the skill and expertise necessary for guaranteeing a great air distribution performance.

Whether you are in need of duct repair services or a system replacement, call the HVAC technicians at Eck Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. right away. Our technicians are NATE–certified to ensure that you are receiving top quality heating and air conditioning services. Give us a call today to schedule duct services in Chicago, IL and the surrounding area.

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