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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Chicago, IL

Too many homeowners seem to think that outstanding energy efficiency and exceptional indoor air quality are mutually exclusive. Fortunately for you, the professionals here on the Eck Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. staff are here to set the record straight. It is completely possible to enjoy both great energy efficiency and great indoor air quality in your home; you just may need some help in doing so. That is precisely why you may want to use an energy or heat recovery ventilator in Chicago, IL.

Energy and heat recovery ventilators are mechanical ventilators designed to help you to sufficiently ventilate your home, without wasting energy in the process. If you are serious about getting the very best performance possible from your HRV or ERV, then you must schedule your energy/heat recovery ventilator services with trained professionals. Contact a member our team to do just that, and enjoy all that your ERV/HRV system has to offer.

What Do HRV and ERV Systems Do?

If you are unfamiliar with the operation of heat and energy recovery ventilators, you may be wondering why you should want to integrate still more equipment into your HVAC system. Well, the answer is that HRVs and ERVs help homeowners to cut down on energy costs while maintaining the ventilation that they need in order to keep indoor air quality high. An HRV transfers heat as needed in order to precondition incoming fresh air, so that some strain is taken off of your HVAC system. In winter, the outgoing, stale air from your home is used to preheat the incoming, fresh but cold air. In the summer, when you are running your AC, the HRV brings in fresh, hot air, cooling it with the outgoing conditioned air.

An ERV functions in pretty much the same exact manner, but also mingles the two airstreams just enough to allow for the balancing of humidity between the air streams, as well. Energy recovery ventilators are typically recommended in warm climates with rather humid air. However, it is necessary to take the unique considerations of your property into mind when choosing your system. Our technicians will ensure that you have the ideal system in place for your particular needs.

What Are the Benefits of Using an ERV or HRV System?

Modern homes are fairly tightly sealed, as modern homeowners are more and more mindful of energy efficiency. Clearly, you don’t want a lot of heat transfer to occur when you are paying to heat or cool your home. The problem with this, of course, is the fact that keeping air in your home and recycling it throughout your system over and over can result in it losing a considerable amount of quality.

When running your HVAC system, you aren’t going to want to throw your windows open to let in fresh air, of course. Using an ERV or HRV allows you to let fresh air into your home, without wasting the energy that you’ve already paid to heat or cool your home with. Plus, it takes a lot of strain off of your HVAC system by preconditioning incoming air streams, helping to reduce the risk of operational problems, as well.

We Install and Service Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery Ventilators

Regardless of whether heat recovery or energy recovery is the right method for your needs, you can count on us to help you to get the most from your system. Not only will we install or replace your HRV or ERV with the care and expertise that the job demands, but we can also complete the routine maintenance that your system will require in order to function at peak performance and efficiency levels. If and when you do encounter problems of any kind with your ERV or HRV, you can also trust our technicians to handle the necessary repairs properly as well. With our help, you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits that heat and energy recovery ventilators make possible in the modern home.

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