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Serving the City and the Suburbs since 1897

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Generators in Chicago, IL

When you think about just how many different electronics and appliances you depend upon each and every day, it becomes quite clear just how detrimental a power outage can really be in this day and age. Fortunately for the modern homeowner, whole-house generators are available. These outstanding systems can keep your home up and running, even when the power from the grid leaves you high and dry.

It should go without saying, of course, that a system such as a whole-house generator in Chicago, IL must be installed and serviced by trained professionals. Not only do you need to know that this generator will function reliably, but you need to know that it will do so safely. When you schedule your whole-house generator installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services with the professional technicians here at Eck Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., you'll know this for a fact.

Why Invest in a Whole–House Generator?

Chances are that you have at least seen a portable generator in action, even if you have never actually used one yourself. These generators are great for camping trips or tailgating before the big game. What they are not as useful for, though, is providing extended, comprehensive coverage throughout your home when the power goes out.

If you want to keep your household operating normally when the power does go out, even for an extended period of time, then a whole–house generator in Chicago, IL is what you need. Tied into your electrical system directly, a whole–house generator can power your electronics, your HVAC system, and other appliances, and you won’t even have to plug them in directly. There is no way in which to beat the convenience and quality of performance that a properly sized and installed whole–house generator has to offer.

Schedule Your House Generator Installation or Replacement with Us

You want your whole–house generator to work properly when you need it, which is why you want to schedule your house generator installation or replacement with qualified professionals possessing the skill, knowledge, and tools to ensure that this is the case. It doesn’t matter what size your whole–house generator must be, whether it is fueled by natural gas or diesel, or who manufactured it. When you allow us to install it, it will provide you with the reliable performance that you demand. Do you have an old whole–house generator that is just no longer worth of your trust? Let us know so that we can help you to choose the ideal replacement for your needs.

Keep Your Generator Operating Properly with Routine Maintenance & Repair

Unlike your heating or air conditioning system, you are probably not going to be using your whole–house generator in Chicago, IL with any regularity. If you want your system to start up and run properly when you do need it, you should simply schedule a generator service with a trained professional on our staff.

Yes, you can test your system as needed, and most whole–house generators will run diagnostics automatically. However, thorough and routine maintenance really is necessary to ensure that every functions precisely as it ought to. If any problems are found, it is better to schedule planned generator repairs than to have to scramble to have the resolved when the power has already gone out. Call today to learn more.

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