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Serving the City and the Suburbs since 1897

Serving the City and the Suburbs since 1897

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Heating and Air Conditioning Services in Highland Park

There are a lot of different HVAC contractors out there that you may choose to work with. How many of them, though, could boast a 115 year service history? We can, and we earned it. How? By offering our clients truly outstanding services over the course of more than a century. When you are looking for HVAC contractors that you can really trust to do any job right, Eck Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is the company to call. From heating installations to commercial HVAC repairs, we do it all. When it comes to heating and air conditioning services in Highland Park, IL, you can always count on us.

Heating Systems Must Be Professionally Installed and Serviced

It doesn’t matter if you use a boiler, ductless heating system, furnace, or heat pump in order to warm your home. You must schedule your heating services in Highland Park with experienced professionals. That way, you can count on your home heating system to function as efficiently, effectively, reliably, and, most importantly, as safely as possible. Give us call if you are interested in learning more about your various home heating options.

Count on our Team for Furnace Installation, Repair & Maintenance

A new furnace is a big investment in your Forest Park home, and you want to make sure the right team is tasked for the job. At Eck Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., we cover furnace installation for both gas and electric furnaces, and we never cut corners by skipping steps or using sub–par materials. That way, you can count on quality furnace service every time, while reducing the risk of needing a furnace repair call in the future. Trust us to do the job right, and your new furnace will be everything you need!

We Offer Boiler Services in Highland Park, IL

A boiler leak is a common problem for homes here in Forest Park, especially older ones where pipes and fittings might be in need of replacement. But not every leak announces itself with dripping water. Some just release steam and can be nearly invisible to casual observation. Look for signs like damp carpet nearby, lower pressure levels in the pipes, or unexpected jumps in your monthly bill. When they appear, call the pros at [(site_name]) for proper boiler repair. We also handle boiler installation and other aspects of boiler service.

Do You Need Any Air Conditioning Services?

It is a lot easier to get out and enjoy the heat of summer when you have a cool, comfortable environment to return home to at the end of the day. If your air conditioning system is not reliable, or if it costing too much to run, then you should contact us to schedule air conditioning services in Highland Park, IL right away. The longer that you wait, the worse off your central air conditioning system, ductless air conditioning system, or any other AC is likely to be.

What’s Wrong with Your Indoor Air Quality?

When you are in your home, you may think that you are automatically safe from the type of pollution found in the air outside. You’d be wrong in thinking so, though. You see, due to how tightly sealed modern homes are, air quality within a residence may actually be worse than that in our own back yards. Fortunately for you, we’re here to handle your duct cleaning, air purification services, and air filtration in Highland Park. Whatever you may need to improve upon the quality of the air in your home, we’ll deliver.

We Install and Service Commercial HVAC and Refrigeration Systems

Do you need a new commercial refrigeration system installed in your restaurant? Are you looking to improve comfort levels with new commercial air conditioning or commercial heating equipment in Highland Park, IL? If so, keep in mind the fact that you really need a trained professional to handle any such services. There are a lot of contractors out there, but this type of equipment requires the skill and expertise that only qualified commercial technicians can offer. We are happy to handle your commercial HVAC and refrigeration services.

Call for Information About Our Other Services

Chances are that you’re already pretty impressed with the array of services that we’ve discussed thus far, but the fact of the matter is that there are still more available? From chimney liner services to generator installations and water heater repairs, you can find pretty much anything that you’d need in our service offerings. Give us a call today, and know that your home and commercial services will be completed with the utmost care by skilled technicians that you can trust to do any job properly.

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